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Property Management: Tenant FAQ
Q: What are the "up-front" costs to get into a house?
In order to process your application we require applicants to submit a $25.00 NON-REFUNDABLE Application Fee in the form of Cash, Money Order, or a Cashiers Check for each adult who will be living at the property. Our policy is "first to apply, first in line." In other words, once we accept your completed application for a property and your application fee, we do not permit another applicant to move ahead of you in line, provided of course that you are making a good faith effort to provide all of the information and material needed for processing.

Q: How long will it take to process my application?
We process applications as quickly as possible. Often it takes 3 business days to process an application, however, we have to wait for return phone calls from landlords and employers. We must verify your employment, rental history, and credit. We need the last two years of your landlord(s) and employment history this can be the most difficult part of your application to verify. We will call you if we are having trouble obtaining any information. If we cannot verify information we will move on to next application in line.

Q: What other reasons hold up the processing of my application?
If we’re already processing someone else's application on the property and your application is considered a back-up application, you may have to wait until their application is processed. You may not hear from us for 3-5 business days until we start processing your application.

Q: How can I help make it easier to process my application?
Make sure the name of your landlord is the owner of the property or the property management company. Providing a daytime phone number(s) so that we can contact you directly; instead of leaving you a message which can shorten the turnaround time. Turing in a complete and accurate application will help us process your application quickly.

Q: When will I hear from you once I turn my application in to your office?
Plan on 3-5 business days. We will at least call and update you on the status by the 5th business day. If your application is being processed you will be contacted if we need your help or when we have processed your application. If your application is not being processed due to other applications being processed ahead of yours, you will not hear until we either start processing yours or we call to let you know that the property has been rented ahead of you. If we do not process your application, we will refund the application fee. We need ONE CONTACT per household. We cannot call every roommate.

Q: Can I get my application "PRE=APPROVED"?
If you have not relocated to the Sacramento area or if you just want to get Pre- Approved before you locate a property, write "Pre Approval Request" on the application in the "Desired Rental Address" section near the top. We will process your application and call you when we have processed your application. You can then select a property that you qualify for. Pre approved applications do not receive a refund of any processing fees paid even if a suitable property cannot be located.

Q: What if I have special circumstances that I need to tell you?
Put your special circumstances in writing with your application. It does no good for you to explain your situation to our Property Manager or Receptionist since they do NOT approve the applications.

Q: What should I expect once my application is approved?
Before the end of the 30 days you must take occupancy and begin paying rent. At that time, we will collect first month's rent and, if applicable, your refundable pet deposit. Your second months rent will be prorated by the amount of days that you take occupancy. Your monthly rent will be due on the 1st of each month.

Q: What are the criteria used to qualify for a lease?
The combined, verifiable gross household income must be 3 times the monthly rental amount.
Example: Monthly Rent is $1,000. The combined and verifiable gross income of all applicants must equal or exceed $3,000.
Good credit and a satisfactory rental or mortgage payment history is required. Applicants may not have open balances with any previous Landlord for past due rent or claims of property damage. Bankruptcies must be discharged and explained.
An eviction history or a collection history for any housing payments or public utility account may be grounds for disqualification, depending on the circumstances.

Q: How much is the Security Deposit and is it Refundable?
Security deposits can vary by property, but our typical Security Deposit is equal to or slightly more than one month's rent amount. Your security deposit is held in our trust account for the duration of the lease.

Q: What is the typical lease period?
Our rental rates are priced based upon a minimum lease term of one year. Most leases can be extended for an additional year or more if the tenant desires. Shorter terms (minimum 6 months) are considered by some of our Owners. Submit your requests together with your completed Application and Application Fee. We will not process your Application until the property owner has accepted your terms.

Q: Are Pets Allowed?
In some cases, a unit may not be functionally suitable for pets, or the property owner may choose not to permit pets. However, many of our rental properties DO consider pets under certain circumstances. You will be required to make an additional Pet Deposit which varies from each property. Pet Deposits are Fully Refundable at the termination of the lease, if no damage to the interior or exterior are noted on the Move-Out Inspection. You can expect to be charged for urine odor remediation and feces clean up.

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