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Property Management: Management Programs For Single Family Homes

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Management Programs   Gold
Rental Market Analysis   X X
Advertising and Marketing   X X
    American Property Management Website   X X
    Basic For Rent Sign   X  
    American Property Management For Rent Sign Professionally Installed     X
Showing/Leasing by Property Manager     X
Tenant Screening   X X
Comprehensive Legal Forms   X X
Collect 1st Month Rent, Deposit, and Application Fee   X X
Monthly Rent Collection and Enforce Lease     X
Eviction and Legal Services     X
Distribute Owner Funds     X
Accounts Payable     X
Monthly Accounting Statement     X
Complete Move-In Inspection   X X
Complete Move-Out Inspection     X
Property Maintenance     X
24-Hour Emergency Services     X
Periodic Drive-By Inspections     X
Annual Rental Market Analysis to Increase Rents     X
Owner Distribution     X
* Note: Rates are subject to change from each office for Management Programs.

Service Fee
Our Gold Package Service Fees are a one time Service Fees and is due at the time of signing your contract.
Our Platinum Package Service Fee is a monthly fee which includes FULL services. Your first monthís Service Fee is due at the time of signing your contract and the remaining monthly Service Fees will not be collected until vacancy is filled.

Leasing Fee
Leasing Fee is an additional one-time fee in our Gold & Platinum Package which is due at the time when vacancy is filled. Please call 916-482-6899 for our Sacramento Office or Click HERE to email us to inquire on pricing for Leasing Fee with a Property Manager.

Rental Market Analysis
We determine your rental rate by your property condition and research market rents in your area to establish a fair market rental value. We also offer a survey of recommended repairs so you will receive the maximum rent while minimizing your liability exposure.

Advertising and Marketing
We utilize all available resources and state of the art technology to advertise vacancies including this and other web sites like RentClicks, Craigslist, etc., classified ads in local newspapers, yard signage and referrals.

  • American Property Management Website
  • Basic For Rent Sign
  • American Property Management For Rent Sign Professionally Installed

Showing/Leasing by Property Manager
We will take all the prospective calls and our Property Manager will show your property until the vacancy is filled.

Tenant Screening
We handle ALL prospective tenant calls and our rental application is designed to obtain complete information on each applicant above the age of 18. References are checked through credit reports, former landlords and employers within the past 2 years.

Comprehensive Legal Forms
To offer you maximum protection, our leases are California Association of Realtor (CAR) forms and comply with all state and federal laws. Included with the Rental Agreement are all necessary disclosures.

Collect 1st Month Rent, Security Deposit, and Application Fee
We will collect your 1st Monthís Rent, Security Deposit and Application Fee. We will disperse the 1st Monthís Rent minus any Leasing Fee (if applicable) and Security Deposit once the vacancy is filled.

Monthly Rent Collection and Enforce Lease
We will collect monthly rent and enforce the lease by posting any notices if necessary. Our accounting department will enforce and collect any Late Fees and Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Fees if necessary.

Eviction and Legal Services
Our rent collection policy is fair but firm. We take immediate action to protect your interest should delinquencies occur. In the event legal eviction is necessary, we can coordinate with our attorney all aspects of the eviction process.

Distribute Owner Funds
Our Accounting Department will disburse owner funds by the 10th of each month with a monthly statement detailing all activities on your property.

Accounts Payable
Our Accounting Department will pay any bills related to the property and keep a detailed record of your expenses.

Monthly Accounting Statement
Our accounting and record keeping systems are totally computerized with state-of-the-art software and hardware for accuracy and efficiency. You will receive monthly statements detailing all activities on your property. At year-end you are provided with complete information for income tax purposes.

Complete Move-In Inspection
A detailed Move-In form is completed to record the property condition at tenantís Move-In. All legal means are used to hold the tenant financially responsible for any damages beyond normal wear and tear.

Complete Move-Out Inspection
A detailed Move-Out form is completed to record the property condition at tenantís Move-Out. All legal means are used to hold the tenant financially responsible for any damages beyond normal wear and tear. We will take the necessary actions to deduct any fees from the tenantís Security Deposit.

Property Maintenance
We handle ALL maintenance requests from tenants and are on call for emergency repairs utilizing our network of qualified and reasonably priced service providers. There is an additional charge for handling routine repairs or maintenance on your property and a nominal fee for coordination of major renovations or multiple bids.

24-Hour Emergency Services
Emergencies happen and we are "on the spot." Our on-call emergency service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. An Emergency Service Number is provided to all tenants for after hour emergencies.

Periodic Drive-By Inspections
We perform random drive-by inspections to insure that your home is being properly maintained.

Annual Rental Market Analysis to Increase Rents
We will evaluate the rent rates once the lease has expired to insure that we are charging market rent for your property. We will advise you if there are any necessary changes that need to be made on the lease.

Owner Distribution
Our Accounting Department will disburse ownerís funds along with a detailed report by the 10th of every month (If any are available). Rental funds received after the 10th, it will take an additional week to process. If you would like, we can deposit your check directly into your back account and forward your report to you.

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